They find the tomb of Saint Philip in Turkey

They find the tomb of Saint Philip in Turkey

A grave believed to be of Saint Philip the Apostle It was discovered during excavations in the ancient Turkish city of Hierapolis. Italian professor Francesco D`Andria said that archaeologists found the tomb of the biblical figure, one of Jesus' 12 disciples, while work was being done in the ruins of a newly discovered church.

We have been searching for the tomb of Saint Philip for years”, He assured D`Andria to the Turkish Anadolu News Agency. "She was finally found in the ruins of a church found a month ago”.

The structure of the tomb and the writings on the wall proved that they belonged to Saint Philip"Added the teacher.

San Felipe, recognized as one of the martyrs of Christianity, is believed to have died in Hierapolis around the year 80. It is also believed that he was crucified upside down, or beheaded.

Hierapolis, whose meaning is “holy city”Is an ancient city famous for its hot springs and a spa that dates back to the 2nd century.

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