The upper jaw of a Homo Erectus discovered in Java

The upper jaw of a Homo Erectus discovered in Java

A team of geologists who were dating the deposits of Sangiran, on the island of Java (Indonesia), have discovered a 1.5 million-year-old Homo Erectus upper jaw.

This jaw is the oldest rest found of the so-called “Java man", the kind of Homo Erectus originally discovered in 1891.

The find came from excavations carried out at the site between 1998 and 2008, being co-directed by the Professor Russell L. Ciochon, ITB Professor Yahdi Zaim and Associate Professor of Earth Sciences E. Arthur Bettis III, who joined the team in 2001 as an expert in stratigraphy and sedimentology, in order to reliably date the Sangiran site.

The new fossil is the first specimen from Java to be found through a direct study of geology, so its provenance is indisputable. Ciochon said that teeth are “like the Peking Man”, Belonging to Homo Erectus in Northeast Asia.

The discoveries made, both by our team with the jaw of Homo Erectus, such as the "Hobbit", the species of human dwarfs found on the island of Flores (Indonesia), as well as the discovery of the only ancient lineage with ancient DNA in the locality of Siberia called Denisova, have put East Asia in the scientific spotlight”Ciochon said.

We are now gaining a greater appreciation for the complexity of human evolution in the region and our research at Sangiran offers another line of evidence, having an ever-increasing amount of data that will help shed light on this region.”, He concluded.

In the latest edition of Journal of Human Evolution, you can find more information about this discovery (in English).

Source: New Kerala

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